The Male G-Spot: How To Find It And What To Do With It

Women's G-spots are legendary, but what about men? Turns out there was one too. In this article, we'll tell you where it is and how to stimulate it properly.

Man showers before G-spot stimulation

What is the male G-spot

Oh yes, the male G-spot is real. It's not fiction, and it's not trying to appeal to as many readers as possible. There is another question, how to say point P is more correct. And for most of the general public, it's usually called the prostate.

Located between the base of the penis and the rectum, the prostate is a walnut-sized gland that men need to produce sperm. The secret is that there are many nerve endings in the prostate, making it the ideal spot for maximum pleasure.

By the way, research confirms this: scientists found that prostate orgasms cause 12 muscle contractions, while penile orgasms - only 3-5 contractions. In other words, if the prostate is linked to sexual play, men can have orgasms that are twice (or even three times) stronger than usual.

How to prepare for the search

The G-spot on the male body might surprise you, which is the prostate.

Many men are full of prejudice against anal sex. Prostate stimulation, of course, cannot change a heterosexual orientation (if it can, then he is not so heterosexual after all). Therefore, if you want to find the P point, you first need to obtain the consent of the other party. Also, experts recommend detailing what you plan to do so he can make an informed decision.

Since the anus doesn't produce natural lubrication, it's important to make sure you have a water-based lube on hand (ideally unscented and unscented so you don't accidentally cause skin irritation). Also, be sure to file your nails to avoid damaging vulnerable areas, or at least use gloves as a barrier.

stimulus rules

So now you know where the P-spot is and your man doesn't mind trying. What's next? Beginners can have a hard time deciding the right course of action on their own, so use the following techniques:

  • "Come here" movement.By making motions with your index finger, as if you're inviting someone over, you can stimulate the prostate gently enough not to startle your partner, but aggressive enough to give him new sensations at the same time. Start slowly, then pick up speed.
  • Circle and wiggle.Circular and oscillating motions are also effective, and their speed should also be gradually increased. Remember that too much pressure on the prostate can lead to an urge to go to the bathroom, so it's best for men to empty their bladders before intercourse.
  • sex toys.If you don't want to go anywhere with your fingers, but want to give it a go, use a massager for anal play. Like them, you can change the speed and type of vibration so that the partner doesn't lose anything and vice versa.

In conclusion, we remind again that body parts have no sexual orientation, so a couple can safely have bidirectional anal sex. And let's pay attention to it, if the other party says he doesn't like it during the process, he needs to stop, and you have to listen to him. In the end, we are all different. You can try again next time it's ready, but for now, do something that always brings you joy.