The most effective exercises to improve strength

There are few men who don't care about maintaining their manhood over the years. The sexual instinct is one of the most powerful instincts that enhances self-esteem. However, he is very fragile.Potency-enhancing exercises should be considered as a method of preventing and correcting minor temporary psychogenic disorders. Erectile dysfunction in men may be caused by:Effectiveness exercises
  • malnutrition;
  • unfavorable environment;
  • chronic stress;
  • Sedentary lifestyle, smoking;
  • Drink alcohol, even a harmless-looking beer.
Sexual failure can occur to any man, regardless of age.The causes of erectile dysfunction are hormonal imbalances, infections of the reproductive tract leading to prostatitis, in men over fifty - prostate adenomas, leading to prostatectomy, in the elderly - vascular problems, atherosclerosis. Serious causes require serious treatment.

What are the benefits of exercise

After men experience their first episode of erectile dysfunction, they rush to the pharmacy to buy a drug that will fix the root cause of the problem. Taking pills is easier than systematic training. The effects of tablets or sprays are immediate.The disadvantage is that all drugs have many contraindications and side effects that negatively affect health. It's also a hit on the budget - they're all expensive.Exercise Benefits for PerformanceAmong men who are concerned about maintaining good levels of potency, there are those who insist on taking natural vitamin and mineral complexes. This is great, but there are pitfalls:
  • Dietary supplements from reputable manufacturers should be purchased only in specialized departments of stores or pharmacies;
  • You cannot order dietary supplements over the Internet or over the phone, no matter how heavily advertised. When you buy dried donkey penis powder prepared in unhygienic conditions and don't pay the nominal fee at all, you risk being the place where the animal is deprived of its genitals.
Through this negative prism, look at the benefits of a range of physical exercises for maintaining and increasing male sexual activity:
  • The cost is low because you can work out at the gym and at home;
  • Systematic exercise for men will improve erections and strengthen the entire body;
  • Physical activity can compensate for the consequences of sedentary work;
  • There is no age limit, you can always choose a body complex suitable for young and old men.

impact on effectiveness

Improve blood circulation in the pelvis

  • After a strong sexual urge, the corpus cavernosum of the penis fills with blood.
  • The ischiocavernosus muscles contract, blocking the flow of blood in the veins.
This state is an erection. Exercise can increase blood flow and microcirculation in the pelvic area, thereby achieving normal filling of the corpus cavernosum, lengthening and thickening of the penis.Reasons for poor effectivenessWhy does blood flow decrease under normal circumstances? There are many reasons, the most common are:
  • Alcohol and smoking, which can lead to vasospasm;
  • Sedentary work;
  • Craving fast food that negatively affects blood vessel walls;
  • There are picnics in nature – beer, vodka, kebabs;
  • Cars - remember: "Our people don't go to the bakery by taxi! " Now they are always traveling everywhere.
No one is calling for a total abandonment of the benefits of civilization and other of life's small pleasures. Physical activity helps normalize blood circulation, thereby minimizing damage.

Strengthen pubococcygeus muscles

Anyone who knows the secret of pubococcygeus muscle relaxation and tension knows the secret of loving and bright orgasms. This muscle connects the lower end of the coccyx to the inner area of the pubic symphysis.Strengthen pubococcygeus musclesIt plays an important role during orgasm by providing rhythmic contractions.Well-trained pubococcygeus muscles:
  • Eliminates pelvic congestion, which means preventing congestive prostatitis;
  • Improve testicular function and hormone levels;
  • Will increase effectiveness;
  • Improve the quality of orgasm;
  • Will prevent premature ejaculation.

How to perform compound movements correctly

The great thing about muscle training is that some of these exercises can be done anywhere—at work, at home, in transit.

The main complex includes only 2 exercises

Name how to proceed
stop flowing During urination, you need to stop 2-3 times and tighten the pubococcygeus muscles. You can do this every time you go to the bathroom.
muscle tension Perform up to 3 sets of 10 compressions.

additional complex

It is designed to increase male potency
  1. Stay tense and relax instead. The important thing is that the duration of both movements is the same: 3 seconds of tension and 3 seconds of relaxation.
  2. Speed matters. Rapidly alternate contractions and relaxations up to 20 times. 3 ways.
  3. weightlifting. Hang a towel over your erect penis and try to lift it with a bouncing motion. You can increase the load by moistening the towel.

Implementation suggestions:

  • The strength of the tension is more important than the magnitude of the tension;
  • Muscles contract separately from other muscle groups;
  • The connection between respiratory rhythm and muscle work - tension (inhalation), relaxation (exhalation) and vice versa;
  • training mode;
  • Regularly - at least 2 times a day.
The condition for the rest of the technique is to choose adequate physical activity: after exercise, you should feel tense and buzzing, not weak and tired. During the next lesson, it is recommended that the load increase be no more than 10% of the previous lesson.

Best exercises for recovery and increased potency

There are individual exercises to improve performance, as well as special comprehensive exercises taught by designated fitness instructors. The technique can be learned step-by-step in video lessons.Best Exercises for EffectivenessLet’s start with personal exercises you can do at home to increase your male potency.

above your feet

  1. Actively walk in place with your knees elevated.
  2. You can even use your hands to help, pressing your knees against your stomach.
  3. The load was gradually increased from 30 to 50 knee raises.


Effectively improves sexual desire.
  1. Stand up straight, place your arms on your body, relax your body, and look straight ahead.
  2. Inhale from the bottom of your abdomen, hold your breath, and squeeze your anal muscles for 3-4 seconds while inhaling, then relax as much as possible while exhaling.
  3. After breathing returns, repeat 5-6 times.

Keep the ball

  1. To tighten the muscles of the lower body, you need to hold a medium-sized ball between your knees.
  2. Perform the exercise lying on your back with your legs bent at the knees and hips.

Pelvic rotation

  1. The circular motion of the pelvis in Jedi Yoga is called the "Victor's Dance. "
  2. The rotation of the pelvis in different planes increases sexual performance and creates all kinds of friction during intercourse, which is sure to surprise and delight your woman.
Pelvic rotation improves strength

Walk on your butt

This potency practice refers to both Jedi Yoga and traditional healing methods.
  1. Sit on the floor with your legs extended forward and your hands on your belt.
  2. Walk forward, contract the muscles of your buttocks and legs, walk 2 meters, and return in the same way.


The familiarity of an exercise bike can increase blood flow to the pelvic area, thereby enhancing erectile function.
  1. You choose the pace yourself.
  2. Focus on your breathing as you rotate your legs.
  3. Cycling strengthens abdominal muscles and is an effective way to treat impaired bowel movements and constipation.


  1. The key is to keep your arms straight or slightly bent.
  2. Alternately draw your knees toward your abdomen.
  3. 10 times of 3 methods to speed up blood flow in the groin area, pelvis and lower limbs. Frogs are incorporated into martial arts warm-up exercises.
Frog exercises to improve effectiveness


  1. Lie on your back with your arms resting on your body or behind your head.
  2. Straighten your legs, spread them as far apart as possible, and then cross them.
  3. The leg movements mimic the work of scissors. Exercise can strengthen abdominal muscles, remove excess belly fat, and restore hormone levels.


It has long been known that the most attractive part of a man's body to women is his butt. A elastic butt is a good sign that the owner's erectile function will be at its best.Adding squats to your morning gymnastics training will have a positive impact on a man's strength. Chinese scientists believe that if you squat regularly, gradually increase the number of squats, and combine active acupoint massage and abdominal breathing, you can get rid of 100 diseases and live to be 100 years old. Its effectiveness is explained by restoring the flow of life energy.Here's how to properly perform a squat.
  • Stand with your feet shoulder-width apart, toes slightly pointed to the sides.
  • When you exhale, we squat down to the fifth point as low as possible for 15-20 times.

holding a stone

  1. The stone is hollow, and you need to hold it by contracting your gluteal muscles in a standing position with your knees bent.
  2. This is useful for increasing potency and strengthening the anal muscles. At the same time, gently massage the prostate.

limb exercises

Here's how you can relieve accumulated fatigue and tension:limb strength exercises
  1. From the "all fours" position, place your knees and palms on the mat, extend your feet back, and on an exhale, slowly lower your hips back and down, sitting on your feet.
  2. Extend your arms forward and your torso behind them.


Only physically trained men can immediately achieve maximum leg extension at the hip joint.
  1. Sit on the floor with legs apart, hips and knees bent, and bend forward as you exhale.
  2. You can hold your feet with your hands.


Ancient Indian teachings that combine special postures (asanas) with mental relaxation have long been of great interest to those striving to stay healthy. After taking a few lessons with your teacher, you can continue practicing at home. They have a positive effect on the blood flow in the small pelvis, open the chakras, and their energy can prevent the development of impotence.
  1. The most common power-enhancing poses to use at home are Lotus Pose and Birch Pose.
  2. The first move is to sit on the floor with your back straight, crossed, and feet pressed into your thighs.
  3. Put your hands on your knees.
  4. For the second step, you need to stand on your shoulder blades and keep your legs straight.
  5. Focus your mind on the first and second chakra areas.


China has also contributed to solving this problem by developing a Qigong system to improve efficacy. Qigong originated in Tibetan monasteries and quickly became popular.Qigong gymnastics enhances physical strengthObservations confirm that the loss of male strength shortens the life span of men, while the children of fathers who practice this gymnastics are healthier and stronger. Therefore, it is recommended that expectant fathers exercise more before conception.Practice "Deer"Performed in "rider's position". Stand with your feet shoulder-width apart and flexed. Place your arms at chest level, slightly bent.
  • Tighten your tense pelvic floor muscles and inhale through your nose (inhale - 15 seconds, tongue touching the roof of your mouth);
  • Grasp thumb firmly with fingers;
  • Tense your muscles and stop breathing within 10 seconds;
  • Relax and exhale through your mouth (exhale for 5 seconds, holding your tongue against your lower teeth).
Qigong uses special exercises to help remove blockages and restore the flow of Qi in the body's meridians. The results will be increased potency, increased libido, improved sperm quality, prevention of congestive prostatitis and prostate adenomas.

Complex to improve erection and potency

Scattered exercises can be combined at will to create your own training system. Another option is the complex proposed by the author for improving male health.

Dr. Popov’s Prostatitis Exercises

The technology is targeted and more similar to traditional medicine treatments.
  1. One of the exercises recommends not sitting on a chair, but sitting on a freshly cut deciduous tree stump and standing up from the stump repeatedly.
  2. Another method is to place a warm, freshly laid egg underneath the perineal area. So unusual, but maybe there's something there.

Norbekov's Complex for Improving Efficacy

Dr. Nobekov is known for developing techniques that treat more than one specific disease. The balance between external destructive influences and the body's defenses is restored. His classes mobilize the body to heal and regulate itself.The complex combines physical exercise, meditation, acupressure and other massages, and breathing exercises. The technology is patented and used in Russia, Germany, Israel and the United States. You can learn this technique at the Nobekov Center or independently through books and video courses.

alexin complex

Yuri Aleksin proved with his own example the effectiveness of the described physical exercises for strengthening and increasing effectiveness. Its complex includes the following exercises:
  • above the legs;
  • Voltage;
  • Run in place without lifting your toes;
  • pelvic lift;
  • Tone of the pubococcygeus muscles;
  • hold the stone;
  • Walk on your hips.

Arnold Kegel Gymnastics

Kegel exercises have been used around the world for nearly 100 years. Strengthening your pelvic floor muscles can help:
  • Restore masculinity;
  • Avoid premature ejaculation;
  • Get rid of urinary incontinence.
These exercises are especially effective for men with diabetes, obesity, and prostate surgery. The complex includes exercises for the abdominal muscles, anal tone, gluteal and pelvic muscles. There are Kegel exercises for women with urinary incontinence.

Dr. Bubnovsky's Technology

Dr. Bubnovsky also contributed to the treatment of male sexual dysfunction. There are 4 exercises in his complex:Bubnovsky's Gymnastics Power
  • Lift your legs while lying on your stomach;
  • Elevate the pelvis;
  • Pelvic rotation;
  • Do push-ups from the wall.

morning exercises

You can safely incorporate male-strength benefits into any common morning routine. The most important thing is to get energy, good mood and tone from the work you do. Without overloading your body, you can add weight to your morning workout with dumbbells.
  1. Starting the day with a hula hoop is great for boosting energy.
  2. If you're embarrassed to use a "lady's" device, get a dilator: put one end of the dilator in your hand, hook the other end over your foot, and pull - hand up, leg down; while seated, butterflyThe dilator is sandwiched between the knees. Push your knees in and out.
Morning exercises to build strengthTraining is held 2 times a day. If your evening comprehensive training is in the gym, add a barbell to the mix. A beautiful figure and excellent abilities are a favorable plus.


For many men, physical activity is contraindicated due to age or illness. There is no need to overload your body and try aerobic exercise.

Conclusion and comments

Don't wait for signs of waning effectiveness, pick a few exercises or complexes that you like. Systematic exercise will bring benefits to the woman you love and the pleasure of quality sex.Many reviews speak of the benefits of the course. The topic is sensitive and not suitable for general viewing, but men share their problems and successes on the forum: