What foods have a positive effect on potency

Nature's pantry not only fills the body with nutrients, but it also provides every human system with everything it needs most. Since ancient times, there have been no medicines, ointments and ointments, they have been treated with infusions, decoctions, and eaten just right. The properties of many foods are so healing that they are recommended for consumption in the modern world. An important question has been, is and will be the subject of effectiveness and how to restore it. It's not always necessary to resort to a tablet, usually just introduce healthy foods into your diet and all ailments will go away. Detail what you need to eat for potency and we'll think about it together.

Nuts, Vegetables and Fruits

Nuts - a panacea for potency

In fact, nuts are one of the most powerful natural pathogens, and their composition is roughly the same for all species. The most practical components of these natural gifts are:

  1. A valuable component is protein detected in the form of amino acids such as arginine, alanine, cystine, tryptophan, glutamic acid. Thanks to their active work, testosterone and serotonin are synthesized - exactly the hormones the male body needs for high-quality erections, prolonged intercourse and vivid orgasms. With the accumulation of large amounts of amino acids in the body, metabolic processes at the cellular level will proceed more efficiently.
  2. Linoleic acid, stearic acid, linolenic acid, palmitic acid are polyunsaturated fatty acids which are responsible for the synthesis of substance compounds into sex hormones such as testosterone, serotonin. Increased hormone levels have a large impact on the potency of enhancing strong sex representation in humans.
  3. Beneficial elements like selenium, sulfur, and zinc work well to boost testosterone levels. The iron in nuts ensures good absorption of oxygen by male body tissues. Potassium, magnesium and calcium ensure the normalization of the cardiovascular system with good function and provide excellent erectile activity. Nut trace elements also accelerate the metabolic processes of the digestive system and are effective for lightness and stamina.
  4. Multivitamins such as A, E, C, and the entire B group activate libido and stimulate male strength and sexual stamina.
Nuts in men's diet will benefit potency

Essentially, the fruit of the walnut variety is effective in coping with stress, neurological disorders, depressive states, normalizing brain function and the immune system of the male body.

Almost all types of nuts can have a positive effect on male strength, the most effective being:

  1. cedar.
  2. Walnut.
  3. Muscat.
  4. almond.
  5. hazelnut.
  6. Brazilian.
  7. cashew.
  8. pistachio.
  9. peanut.
  10. walnut.

By eating nuts consistently, you fill your body with all the necessary substances and increase potency.

Vegetables are the most important tool for a good erection

The best types of strength-boosting men are vegetables rich in vitamins A, E, C, and B groups, as well as zinc, selenium, and calcium. Consider the vegetables that are most useful for sexual function.

Vegetables - products that are good for male sexual function


This product is rich in vitamin C and other beneficial properties. Onions are a panacea for many ailments, especially colds and impotence. The androsterone contained in onions increases and stabilizes a good hormonal background, increasing blood flow to the penis, resulting in bright orgasms and long erections.

The most effective way to increase potency is to consume this plant in its raw form, but by adding any form of onion to your diet, you can enrich your body with the most useful micronutrients and boost your immunity.


Very rich in B vitamins, this vegetable increases testosterone levels, ensures the body's resistance to external stress, normalization of blood circulation stimulates blood flow to the penis, resulting in stable erections. Due to its natural qualities, radishes are a low-calorie product that provides current cholesterol levels. The sulforaphane contained in the composition is very good at preventing cancer and high blood sugar levels, factors that reduce male libido.

The radishes in the menu can be eaten raw or cooked as a side dish. But seeds are the most effective.


This product is very useful for all people of any age, especially for men to increase potency. The rich ingredients increase physical stamina, improve overall physical condition, provide amazing long-lasting erections, and increase libido. Carrots are mainly considered to be a purifier of blood and blood vessels, which activates good blood circulation, so that the penis is well stimulated and provides erectile function.

The most effective way to eat raw carrots, freshly squeezed juice, and add this beautiful root vegetable to your menu.


All types of cabbage can increase potency - Brussels sprouts, cauliflower, bok choy, broccoli. The beneficial properties of all types of cabbage are able to enhance erection, clean blood vessels and prevent many diseases of the genitourinary system. The most valuable is cabbage, which guarantees the duration of sexual intercourse and prevents rapid ejaculation.

Sauerkraut has a boosting effect, and men who eat salads with this product can have long sex lives until the latest.

A vegetable diet is important for everyone, but especially for men. By favoring vegetables in your menu, you can enrich your urogenital system with the most useful substances for good health and healthy erections.

Fruit is the food of champions

The world is full of fruits, both exotic and the ones we see on our dinner tables and in stores every day. Consider top fruits to increase male strength.

Thanks to its unique composition, the fruit perfectly enhances male strength.


This citrus has health benefits, including the peel. Its properties help to get rid of acute viral infections, but it is also very beneficial for potency. A unique composition of vitamins, nutrients that enhance libido and have a cleansing effect on atherosclerotic plaque in the blood vessels, the main enemy of potency.

You should eat oranges regularly, juice them, and make tea with orange peels.


Lemon is one of the best antiseptics for inflammatory processes, purulent and urinary problems.

In addition, this citrus contains vitamin C, which helps to increase libido, activities that ensure erectile function and sexual endurance. Lemon should also be consumed with poor sperm quality, its properties can enhance sperm motility.

a pineapple

The composition of this exotic fruit includes a variety of vitamins and trace elements that activate sexual function, enhance erection, provide immune protection and enhance male health. Pineapple is considered a natural activator of the neuroendocrine system, stabilizing the hormonal background, and this fruit is also able to calm down during periods of stress and chronic stress.

Exotic fruits can have a positive effect on brain activity, which can help with mental stress. After all, emotional fatigue has an extremely negative impact on potency. People with strong sex need to eat pineapple or drink pineapple juice every day.


This is a true activator of the efficiency of all sex hormones, and it is not without reason that strawberries are associated with sexual exoticism. The usefulness of this berry component can effectively influence erection, duration, brightness of sensation and testosterone levels due to the presence of zinc.

There are many strawberry dishes, which can be eaten directly, added to juices, juice drinks, jellies, and jellies. This berry is great for yogurt, cereal, desserts.


A useful fruit is the fruit of the fig tree, which is considered one of the most active aphrodisiacs, providing quick recovery after the first act of love in order to continue the sexual journey. The fruit of the fig tree is capable of giving the most beautiful orgasms and improving the quantity and quality of semen.


This is a real find for those who dream of long nights of love and sex. Unique to many of these ingredients is the high amount of iodine and protein that is well absorbed by the body. For prolonged erections, oyster and sea caviar are great. In addition, caviar is not only useful for men, but also for women who are planning to become pregnant.


Small amounts of oysters contain high amounts of amino acids and beneficial mineral trace elements that contribute to male health and potency.

High levels of zinc increase testosterone levels and can prevent the development of male infertility.

The components of oyster meat carry out the synthesis of testosterone and serotonin, help to stabilize metabolism, stimulate the nutrition of genital tissues and cells, and enable long-term sexual contact and rapid recovery after ejaculation.


Red caviar is the strongest natural pathogen; it is not unreasonable that it contains high amounts of vitamins and elements that are most useful to the reproductive system. They all positively affect the hormonal background: serotonin, which is responsible for the brightness of sexual pleasure, lecithin, which helps to relax and stop being shy in front of ladies, and testosterone, the most important male hormone, responsible for all sexual activity.

Red caviar is the strongest aphrodisiac for men

Chicken and Quail Eggs

Among the representatives of human strength, the best eggs for enhancing sexual function are of course quail eggs, but eggs are not much different. If used properly, of course, they can also improve male strength.

The ingredients for both eggs are the same, as follows:

  1. B-group vitamin complex, positively affects the regulation of cardiovascular activity, semen formation, metabolic processes.
  2. Vitamin A, able to slow down the aging of the body, increase the barrier of the immune system and normalize metabolism.
  3. Vitamin E helps remove toxins from the body, strengthens blood vessel walls, improves ejaculation quality, and has a positive effect on male reproductive function.
  4. Lutein, which is part of these products, is responsible for the activation and metabolism of amino acids.
  5. The trace element PP is able to activate and help the performance of the brain sector, also responsible for the duration and brightness of love behaviors.
  6. Vitamin C is known as the best protector of the immune system, stimulating and synthesizing testosterone, dopamine and serotonin. The latter is a pleasure and happiness hormone that can lead to a unique orgasm.
  7. Group D vitamins increase testosterone growth, make men energetic, keep men sleep well and calm the psyche of sexually mature men.
  8. A complete complex of minerals and nutrients such as: Potassium, Sulfur, Selenium, Manganese, Calcium and Phosphorus, which are responsible for good erections, increased libido, good mood and overall health of the body.
Chicken and quail eggs have positive effects on male hormones

By eating raw eggs, you can also regulate the level of cholesterol in your blood, which is important for the proper functioning of the cardiovascular system, preventing the formation of cholesterol plaques - the real enemy of men's health and potency.

These wonderful gifts of nature have a very positive and positive effect on the hormonal context of intercourse, the duration and brightness of sensations during intercourse, thereby improving mood and sexual satisfaction for both parties during the process. But for the effect to really show, you need to eat eggs properly and organically.

It's also worth noting that eating eggs can help the body strengthen bone tissue, including tooth enamel, and it's an excellent remedy for cataracts, high blood pressure, and many other ailments.


No matter how paradoxical it may sound, meat is also a great way to increase potency. After all, this product is rich in protein, which is responsible for the good condition, growth and elasticity of muscle tissue. But overeating pure meat is not recommended, because the stomach will be heavy, all the blood will flow to the gastrointestinal organs, and there will be absolutely no sex. Add some meat to your daily diet and masculine power will come back to you. Most useful meat for potency:

  1. chicken;
  2. beef;
  3. rabbit;
  4. turkey.


Bee gifts are also great aphrodisiacs. It can be used with other products that can improve male strength.

counterproductive product

There are many dishes and products that can have a very negative effect on potency, including:

  1. mayonnaise.
  2. French fries.
  3. Fast food (burgers, cheeseburgers, hot dogs, etc. )
  4. Donuts and donuts.

The potency of health depends directly on a healthy diet. Eat more vegetables, fruits, seafood, meat and honey. May your male power always be firm and active. Good luck and a hot night.