How to take ginger to increase potency?

Ginger root - an aphrodisiac that enhances male potency

Men often have problems in bed. Medications don't always have the desired effect, and some are simply not suitable for regular use. In this case, various alternative medicine methods come to the rescue. Ginger is good for male potency.

The root of the plant has long been considered the strongest aphrodisiac. It works because of its ingredients. Medicinal properties are even mentioned in ancient treatises - Quran, Ayurveda and even Kama Sutra. Based on this ingredient, an effective tincture is prepared at home, and the root is also consumed in the form of a powder or a healing mixture with added honey.

Correct use of ginger tincture can help in the treatment of erectile dysfunction if it is not related to an organic disease of the male body. Due to the high concentration of zinc in the roots, libido increases, potency increases, and riser quality increases.

So, how to take ginger for increased potency, what are the components of a natural aphrodisiac and how it affects the male body - we will consider in more detail in our article.

Medicinal properties of ginger

Let's find out what ginger root is good for and what effect this plant has on the male body. The increased potency when using ginger is due to the composition of a unique plant.

The following table shows the components of ginger and its pharmacological effects:

Composition of ginger root Therapeutic effect
organic acid Enhance immune status, participate in metabolic processes, and remove toxic substances from the body. They improve blood circulation, tissue and cell nutrition.
amino acid They normalize the activity of the central nervous system and improve the transmission of nerve impulses, which has a positive effect on potency. Enhances efficiency, imparts energy and vitality, and increases male strength.
Vitamin C Vitamin C has antioxidant properties, improves metabolic processes, strengthens the immune system, stimulates sperm production, and affects testosterone production in the body.
Retinol Accelerates the regeneration process, improves the conductivity of blood vessels and normalizes blood flow, which is important for the male reproductive system.
B vitamins Accelerates the metabolic process, dissolves bad cholesterol and restores the hormonal balance in the body. Positively affects the work of the heart and blood vessels.
Zinc Mineral elements accelerate the absorption of nutrients in the body, stimulate the synthesis of testosterone, improve semen quality, enhance libido, and have a beneficial effect on the reproductive system.
Potassium This ingredient increases the electrical conductivity of nerve fibers, which helps increase potency.

The composition also contains other substances that help to enhance efficacy. These include phosphorus, iron, tocopherols, sodium, magnesium, and more. Ginger root is an effective remedy for prostatitis - male prostatitis.

With regular use of ginger root, erections are increased, hormone production is normalized, the duration of intercourse is increased, and the sensation of intimacy is increased.

The root helps to get rid of uncontrolled ejaculation in men.

Ginger for impotence

Fresh ginger for male impotence

There are many ginger recipes for male impotence. Mostly, ginger tinctures are prepared on vodka for added potency. The fastest cure is decoction. The recipe uses fresh and dried ginger.

Dried powder, ginger, grated or sliced and added to a variety of dishes and beverages. Roots significantly improve the taste of food, imparting new notes while positively affecting male strength.

Ginger is a pungent spice. Folk remedies enhance libido and increase potency. Mainly used frequently. But this impotence treatment is not suitable for all men.

Ginger root has the following contraindications:

  1. Tumors in the body (this is a relative contraindication, ginger can be treated, but be very careful).
  2. Organic fragrance intolerance.
  3. Stones in the kidneys and ducts.
  4. Heart rhythm disorders.
  5. Cold, accompanied by fever, high body temperature.
  6. Inflammation occurs with the development of high fever.
  7. Gastric ulcer/erosive lesions, duodenum 12.

When in doubt, it is best to consult a doctor. Ginger is a powerful plant whose strength rivals those used to treat male impotence.

Ginger Root Tincture for Male Strength

Ginger tincture for erectile dysfunction in men

There are several ways to prepare a ginger tincture to help with erectile dysfunction. Homemade "drugs" are made with vodka or alcohol or water. Practice has shown that the first option is much better because alcohol enhances the healing effects of ginger root.

However, if there is a history of alcohol dependence or alcohol intolerance, a folk remedy for preparing water is recommended. It is slightly weaker, but at the same time completely safe and will not lead to the development of negative consequences.

Water tincture recipe: In 500ml purified water (cold), add 50g ground root. The infusion was performed in a cool room for 7 days, shaking the container regularly. at the end of this time filter. Drink 40ml 2 times a day, preferably 2 hours after meals. The course of treatment is 4 weeks.

To prepare a vodka/alcohol tincture, you must do the following:

  • In 700 ml of alcohol liquid, add 300 grams of ginger root (sliced or grated);
  • 2-3 weeks in an airtight container;
  • shake regularly;
  • Tighten with gauze.

Take "medicine" 15-25 drops, 2 times a day. The agent can be added to ordinary water. The course of treatment for impotence is one month. After a week off, you can repeat the same dose.

It is recommended to mix the ingredients in a glass or ceramic container to prevent the substance from reacting with the container during infusion.

Ginger Recipe

Ginger root is used in various recipes for increased potency

This mixture helps to get rid of bad risers: chop 200 g of walnuts and add 100 ml of liquid honey. If the honey is thick, melt it first through a water bath. Next, add 50 grams of fresh ginger to the mixture and slice into thin slices. It lasts for two weeks in the refrigerator. Take one teaspoon per day for a month. This recipe has great reviews.

Lemon Ginger Infusion for Male Strength: In 1000ml of purified water (warm), add 50g of ginger root, juice of one lemon, a few tablespoons of honey. Instill a day, drink 150-200 ml, 3 times a day. Not only is this drink delicious, it's also healthy - it boosts the immune system, boosts potency, improves sperm quality, and helps with erections.

Ginger Tea - Add a small piece of root - about 1-1. 5 cm to 250 ml of boiling water and let stand for 15 minutes. You can drink. To improve the taste, add sugar, lemon or honey for extra potency.

Effective recipes for ginger:

  1. Ginger coffee provides energy and strength and increases potency. Add ½ tsp chopped ginger to coffee - 250ml. Drinking beverages with high blood pressure and cardiovascular disease is not recommended.
  2. Ginger wine is a great aphrodisiac that improves erections and helps increase the duration of intercourse. In 500ml red wine, add 25g grated ginger. You can also add cinnamon, nutmeg or vanilla to the wine - spices can improve the flavor. Drink 3 times a day, 20ml each time.

At home, you can make your own pickled ginger to add to meats and other dishes. Slice the root of the plant, sprinkle with a teaspoon of table salt, and let it sit for an hour. Combine 300ml 9% acetic acid and 200g sugar and bring to a boil over fire. off. Pour in the salted ginger slices. Eating 3-4 slices of ginger root a day is enough.