Increased potency in men after age 60

Of all the known male ailments, impotence causes the most severe discomfort. This is not a matter of physical inconvenience. The first manifestation of male weakness can cause significant psychological trauma to a man, and this trauma is not easy to get rid of.Contrary to popular belief, this disease is not solely associated with age-related factors. Seven out of 10 men believe the disease will manifest itself in old age. Many men under the age of 30 also suffer from this disease. According to statistical studies, one in five people worldwide faces this problem, of which only 30% belong to the age group above 60 years.

Factors affecting effectiveness

Effectiveness decreases in older adults after age 60Of course, the age factor affects the entire body, especially the decrease in potency.This is reflected in:
  • Penis loses elasticity;
  • Decreased blood vessel elasticity;
  • Reduced testosterone levels;
  • The feeling of impending ejaculation becomes dull;
  • The size of the erect penis decreases over time.
Even taken together, these factors do not always negatively impact effectiveness. If this does happen, the psychological need for a sexual relationship will not change at all.

main reason

To take appropriate steps to enhance your sexual performance, you need to understand the causes of male weakness. So, what exactly causes men’s health to deteriorate?Genitourinary disorders may cause potency issuesdisease:
  1. Genitourinary system (seminal vesiculitis, prostatitis, prostate adenoma);
  2. Cardiovascular System;
  3. hormone imbalance;
  4. Endocrine system problems (male hypogonadism, diabetes, excessive weight gain);
  5. psychological disorders;
  6. Injuried;
  7. multiple sclerosis;
  8. Parkinson's Disease;
  9. Taking medications that affect their potency.
Bad habits can worsen the condition.

what to do?

For men after the age of 60, this is the simplest and most effective way to enhance physical fitness and maintain good health.Going to a steam room is good for men's healthTo do this, you need to follow simple rules:
  1. Visit the steam room. It’s not without reason that the Slavs were so enthusiastic about steam therapy. Heat therapy improves the blood circulation system, skin condition and ensures the release of unnecessary substances through sweating. This provides overall health to the body and increases potency accordingly. Do not forget the contraindications of hyperthermia for cardiovascular, skin and central nervous system diseases;
  2. Hot and cold shower. It improves blood circulation, strengthens the immune system, cleans pores and stabilizes metabolism. Generally speaking, it is best to use a contrast shower in the morning, but if this is not possible, it can also be done in the evening. The first such procedure was performed in the same way as hardening, gradually increasing the difference between temperatures. Contrast showering has beneficial effects on men after the age of 40 - it keeps them in good shape and promotes overall health. Contraindications: cardiovascular disease;
  3. Physical exercise. The general condition of the body directly depends on physical activity. Everyone knows the benefits of charging, but 2 out of 10 people insist on correct charging patterns;
  4. proper nutrition. In order for the body to function properly, it must be provided with all the trace elements and vitamins it needs;

Physical exercise

Men after the age of 40 must do physical exercise no matter what. They'll help you feel younger and stay physically fit, and psychologists say they can improve a person's mental state.
But you still need to know which exercises you should do and which ones you should avoid.After age 60, physical activity is necessary to increase potencyIf a person has not participated in sports before, even as exercise, you need to start with light physical activity, especially if you are over 60 years old. Walking is great for this. Start with a leisurely walk, then a brisk walk, then start running.When running no longer feels like a "burden, " you can begin your daily exercise routine. The intensity should be gradually changed from less to more intense based on your overall health.Men's physical exercise choices are entirely based on individual circumstances. A set of exercises can make a big difference for a man after 40 or 60. Additionally, concomitant cardiovascular or genitourinary disease requires greater attention to certain exercise choices. Therefore, before starting physical activities, it is necessary to consult a doctor and consult a coach.Back massage improves health and empowers men


Massage can be used in conjunction with other potency-enhancing movements. It can improve overall health, but certain acupressure points on the male body are particularly effective. They are placed on the arms, legs and back.


An important aspect of improving male performance after age 60 is proper nutrition. The human body is designed to replenish its reserves of nutrients, minerals and vitamins to maintain normal health.There are also many products in nature’s treasure trove that can improve men’s health:Seafood in men’s diet after age 60 will enhance efficacy
  • seafood. They are classified as aphrodisiacs. Oysters, mussels and crabs are particularly useful. They are rich in zinc, iodine, and amino acids necessary for male health. Seafood also includes sea fish that are good for men;
  • spices. Many types of spices have the ability to increase sexual desire. Therefore, it is recommended to season with garlic, onion, parsley, basil, dill, cumin, cardamom, fennel, ginger and cinnamon;
  • Honey. This product has amazing properties. It is actually a panacea for all ailments. For men with poor erections, it is useful to use honey instead of sugar;
  • squirrel. Men's bodies need them more than women's. But after the age of 40, doctors recommend eating animal fats in food more cautiously, and after the age of 60, reducing their intake as much as possible. There is an exit. Quail eggs perfectly replenish the body's reserves of this product. And of course, there's meat. Indeed, consuming large amounts is not recommended. You should eat low-fat varieties (rabbit, chicken, beef). Legumes are a treasure trove of plant protein;
  • nut. They contain essential fatty acids.

traditional healing methods

The gifts of nature are immense.Shilajit is used to increase potency in the elderly. Therefore, there are many home remedies:
  • Smoked camel stomach. Eastern medicine considers it the best medicine for enhanced potency. It has no side effects and is very effective. But extremely difficult to access;
  • shilajit solution. Has many positive reviews and is not suitable for compatibility with alcoholic beverages;
  • ginseng rootStabilizes testosterone production and improves overall health;
  • Walnuts and honeyDramatically improves male well-being and libido.


The ultimate way to improve effectiveness after 40 years is medication. Drug store shelves are filled with pharmacological products for men's problems.
  1. The first drug designed to enhance male sexual performance. It’s not just for men after 40. Young people can use it without worrying about ladies finding it. When the product is taken, it simulates a natural erection.Due to the popularity of this drug, many similar drugs have emerged with the same active ingredient.Side effects: nosebleeds, headache, nasal congestion, dizziness, vomiting.
  2. Each tablet lasts for 3 days. This is due to the longer it takes for the drug ingredients to be excreted from the body. This medication should not be used by people with liver and kidney disease. Many analogues are already on the shelves of pharmacies.


To still feel young after 40 years, you should take care of your health now.
A balanced diet, moderate exercise, fresh air, and consistent sex are the keys to long-term health!
Take care of yourself and stay healthy!